Our Quinceanera

Through the power of community, young Latinas discover that any dream or aspiration is achievable.

A high school principal in a small town in Texas hosts a yearly Quinceañera for students that can't afford it. The event started with 4 girls and it is now a celebration for 80 girls. The entire border town of San Benito, TX gets together to teach these girls that with the power of community any dream can come true


The film is in post-production

We've just submitted the film to the Sundance Film Festival and plan to submit it to many more.

We hope that the movie will inspire other communities and individuals across the US to celebrate their heritage and support one another.

Check back for more updates!



4 Years ago Mr. Galvan and the staff of the Veterans Memorial Academy got together to host a Quinceañera for six students who couldn't afford to have their own. It was a beautiful yet simple celebration at the high school gym.

Word spread throughout the community, the second year more girls asked to be a part of the free Quinceañera.

Now in its fourth year, 80 students took part. The entire community of San Benito got together to give the kids a night they will never forget.

Dresses were donated from across the country, one of the local churches cooked the food,  the Mariachi, and DJ classes performed and the boys from the ROTC escorted the girls.

This event is a testimony of a community taking a stand for the future of their youth.