Fanny Veliz


Fanny Véliz is a Venezuelan-American award-winning filmmaker, actor, and director with more than 15 years experience in the business.  A two-time Imagen Award nominee, she has received several recognitions for her work both in front and behind the camera.  Her award-winning feature film HOMEBOUND received a theatrical release and numerous awards, and traveled the country, as well as abroad. It can now be seen in North and South America on Cine Latino. 


Throughout the years, she has learned the ins and outs of creating a project from scratch by using non-traditional methods to fund, produce, and distribute.  Two years ago she co-founded Avenida Productions a firm that specializes in empowering independent media content creators with a focus on diversity. To date, Avenida has helped raise $1.3 million dollars via crowdfunding for over 60 media projects. 


She currently has two feature documentary films in post-production that she directed. One about DACA and one about a community Quinceañera that takes place in Texas.  She’s also developing a digital series called I Friggin Love You that should go into production in late 2018

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Nelson Grande


As a native Los Angeleno, Nelson Grande is no stranger to the gravitational pull of the entertainment industry. Growing up in Highland Park where a typical Saturday included witnessing Tarantino shoot Reservoir Dogs or Gregory Nava shoot Mi Familia, one could argue that Grande’s rise from actor to entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Avenida Productions was written in the stars. At the age of 19, Grande recognized he had a talent for sales that catapulted him to be the brand ambassador for multiple luxury businesses. However, it wasn’t until Grande was 21 that he would take a leap of faith and pursue a career as an actor and never looked back. 

Years later, Grande has been in national and regional commercials and has done guest spots on several TV shows including the critically acclaimed HBO show Eastbound and Down. Although he continues to thrive as an actor, he felt the familiar strain many actors of color experience in Hollywood. He found that the majority of the roles he was offered were rife with stereotypes and thick accents, a problem that many Latino actors face. He refused to let this deter or distract him from pursuing his career. However, it was the birth of his daughter that served as the spark that ignited his need for a change. He no longer wanted to depend on Casting Directors or Producers to give him opportunities. He wanted to create opportunities both for himself and other actors of color. The opportunity to create this impact on a local, national and global level came when he and Fanny Véliz founded Avenida Productions in 2016.


Gilbert Galvan


Gilbert Galvan, Jr. was born in San Benito, TX. He has worked in the Entertainment Industry for the past 10 years, with stints at SAG-AFTRA, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Entertainment Partners, and most recently Electric Entertainment. During his time at Warner Bros., Gilbert served on the Board of Directors for UNIDOS, the WB Latino Affinity group. Additionally he has been involved with the National Association of Latino Independent Producers, “NALIP”. Over the years, Gilbert has become one the industry’s leading experts in residuals payments. Gilbert earned three degrees at the University of Texas at Austin, including a Bachelors in Business Administration, Masters in Professional Accounting, and Juris Doctorate.

Gilbert has always had a passion for his heritage and has always wanted to tell stories about the Latino-American experience. Gilbert’s desire to share the story of the community Quinceañera that his father started stems from his hope to inspire young Latina women to follow their dreams and also to document a small part of his father’s legacy.


Daniel Maldonado


Daniel Maldondao has a built a career as Director of Photography / Camera Operator for Feature Films, Commercials, Music Videos and Corporate/Political Ad Campaigns based in San Antonio, Texas (South Texas Region). His experience with managing large to small crews and has enabled him to work with both large and small budget projects. Credits Include Valhalla Entertainment, Travel Channel, Discovery.